Zachman Award

Congratulations on the Enroute Mission Command Capability (EMC2) Project winning the Leadership in Enterprise Architecture Driven Results – Government Project Defense Award for 2014. John A. Zachman will be announcing and presenting the award publicly at The 12th Annual Enterprise Architecture Conference during the Excellence In Enterprise Architecture Awards ceremony on October 8th in Washington, DC.

Thank you for the exceptional leadership, initiative and direct efforts you provided to the Joint Staff J6, US Special Operations Command, 18th Airborne Corps Global Response Force (GRF), US Marine Corps 26th Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU) and Program Manager Warfighter Integrated Network (PM WIN-T) directly supporting EMC2.

You are true professionals who have excelled and made a significant impact on DoD Forced Entry Enroute Capabilities. Joint Staff J6 and PM WIN-T will jointly accept the award.