Primary Care is usually the entry point into health care for most patients. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has undertaken an initiative to implement a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model at all VA Primary Care sites which is referred to as Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT).  The PACT team puts the PATIENT in the center of his/her care. The care is person oriented as opposed to Service or Disease oriented.  The person is just that: a PERSON, not a group of diseases to treat. Veterans are their own number one health care advocate with the support of the VA PACT Team and Processes they have in place.  The veteran and their family get to make decisions and help direct their own care. The PACT program mission is to deliver health care that is patient-centered, data-driven, continuously improving, and team-based.  The goals, objectives, and processes evolve over time with the progression of the programs implementation, training, health care related technology, and capacity; but the veteran patient health care and family will always be first and the VA’s highest priority. KCG provides consulting and training services to expand the skill sets of the PACT team members including doctors, nurses, and administrators. Our principles are centered around the PCMH model to increase efficiency and care simultaneously.

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Team Care - Medicine

Team Care Medicine (TCM) is a physician-led professional training organization that trains physicians and their clinical staff to operate in a new mode which elevates each participant to their highest licensed capacity.  Team Care training produces high quality care, greater patient satisfaction and the capability to significantly expand patient access during each normal practice day.