Systems Engineering

Cyber Security

Klett Consulting Group helps our customers manage the complexities of today’s computerized society. Everything talks and interoperates with everything else.  Determining and managing the vast number of interconnections requires strict documentation of requirements and risks, especially when implementing new systems and capabilities. Klett Consulting Group’s team of systems engineers have been supporting large and small projects including the next generation aircraft carrier (Ford Class); the Maritime Operations Center (MOC)—the Navy’s organization for command and control at the numbered fleet level including manpower, systems, doctrine and training; the next generation joint jet flight trainer/simulator; common display system and common processor systems. 

Taking a system of systems (SoS) approach in concert with enterprise architecture, KCG supports the entire engineering lifecycle. These engineering activities include:

  • Translating capability objectives
  • Understanding systems and relationships
  • Assessing performance to capability objectives
  • Developing
  • Evolving SoS architecture
  • Monitoring and assessing changes
  • Addressing requirements and solution objectives
  • Orchestrating upgrades to SoS

These complexity issues exist within both the government and the commercial sector. Our experts can help any organization to implement new systems and capabilities that will meet performance requirements while minimizing the risks. Klett Consulting Group employs several disciplines, providing our customers with a range of services that include Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Modeling, and our own Mission Resources Alignment Methodology℠ (MRAM). Contract us to hear how we can help your organization realize your integration needs.