Program Management

“KCG has earned the reputation of delivering
twice the product in half the time!”


Program Management is our passion. Our senior team of experts provides a wide range of support to our customers including developing detailed and executable program plans supported by risk management strategies, resource allocation and tracking, and strategic communication. KCG’s program plans include both transition and implementation plans and progress is tracked through an integration tool such as MS Project. All KCG Program Managers have significant experience, particularly with the integration and synchronization of cross functional organizations, teams and roles.


Our Program Management methodology is modeled after the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Several of KCG’s Program Managers are PMI Certified and average over 15 years of professional experience supporting our customer’s program management needs. Moreover, KCG Program Management methodology is a critical component of all of our client service solutions. It includes the following components that are critical to the success of each and every engagement that KCG undertakes:

  • Quality Assurance Planning
  • Issue Resolution and Risk Management
  • Communication Planning
  • Earned Value Management
  • Scope Management
  • Change Control Management
  • Program Integration Management
  • Program Resource Management

Written Program Status & Summary Reports

KCG provides regular, consistent reports to our customer based on prescribed time periods. These reports include both a technical and financial section. The technical section includes tasks and activities accomplished, problems encountered, solutions recommended, and future actions planned. The financial section includes a graphic representation of funds expended, details for expended labor hours by individual and labor category for the month and costs to date, and details for other direct costs and travel.

Customer Focus

Program ManagementKCG delivers experienced program managers who will work with your organization as a partner to provide the leadership needed to manage a wide range of consulting engagements. Experienced working on multiple award contracts, KCG understands the importance of facilitating team work among our teammates, the sponsors and customers, and other stakeholders involved. We will always place the best personnel to deliver the best products for our customer based upon the contract specifications, demonstrating our commitment to quality control. When KCG is the prime contractor, we will always be an advocate for our customer and provide the best possible services and products. Each program will start with an executable plan, approved by our customer, and only be closed when our customer is pleased and approves our end product.

Our Program Management Services are proven through our success on a multitude of projects such as prime contractor for the 63rd Army Reserve Regional Support Command facilities maintenance and support in a seven state area, within DHS as a prime contractor for Cyber Security and Communications as well as FEMA and NSWC, Crane, Indiana. KCG has managed programs from Cyber Security and Information Assurance to configuration management of new CVNs for combat systems to large diverse geographic facility maintenance contracts through virtual management capabilities.