What We Do

             The best way to Predict the future… is to Create it.
Our capabilities enable us to Create the Future for our clients. KCG provides system engineering services across diverse business domains through a customer-focused, product driven and results oriented approach based on dynamic teaming. Our capabilities are based on integration of multiple specialties including cybersecurity, systems engineering, and program management services that ensure effective delivery of required products and services.

  • Cybersecurity

    Klett Consulting Group (KCG) takes a holistic approach to securing information systems, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations while leveraging industry best practices to find the right solution for our customersā€™ needs. KCG provides subject matter expertise in the areas of RMF and NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks.Read More

  • Systems Engineering

    Klett Consulting Group (KCG) experts help organizations implement new systems and capabilities that meet performance requirements while minimizing risks and costs. KCG provides our customers with a range of services that include Enterprise Architecture, Process Modeling, Security Engineering and Mission Based Analysis.Read More

  • Program Management

    Klett Consulting Group (KCG) employs a repeatable and systematic management approach based on PMBOKĀ® best practices, offering our customers a methodology that ensures quality and results. Our proven methods promote effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology.Read More

  • Broadband Consulting

    Klett Consulting Group (KCG) is Broadband Broker of data and internet services to businesses and residential entities in the Hampton Roads Region (Nationwide). Utilizing a systematic approach, we identify and negotiate the best products, providers and pricing for our clients, while remaining consultative and unbiased.Read More

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