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KCG developed the Mission Resources Alignment Methodology℠(MRAM) to guide our teams’ actions to accurately document the work output (products and services) of our customers’ organizations and maps the application and alignment of resources necessary to accomplish the work.  MRAM ensures we get the required information through a progression of interaction with key members of the organization that allows the team to understand the organization. This in turn permits the KCG team to provide recommended improvements to allow customers to assess and choose the right changes to align the organization and distribution of resources.

MRAM thrives across complex organizations with multiple missions or lines of effort and provides traceability from mission to task to process to resources.  It incorporates DoDAF 2.0 system engineering underpinnings that allow for a wide range of DOTMLPF analysis as well as ultimately producing documents for end users. MRAM developed architectures provide a robust set of interconnected data that allows for in-depth modeling, requirements development, and capabilities assessments.