Maxwell McCormack giving Presentation to School Board on Cyber Security Awarness

Staff Spotlight: Maxwell, Intern

Interviewer: “What is your favorite part about your internship?”

Maxwell McCormack: “My favorite part about the internship is how it helps me grow in the field. I have learned a lot at the Advanced Technology Center, but nothing can prepare you for the real world. KCG has given me firsthand experiences that have gone beyond what any book or class could teach me.”

Interviewer: “How would you describe the employment experience?”

Maxwell McCormack: “Nothing compares to the way I feel when I walk through the doors in the morning. The atmosphere is very pleasant and everyone bonds very well. It completely takes out the stereotypical idea that work has to be unpleasant.”

Interviewer: “What advice would you give to other students applying for an internship at KCG?”

Maxwell McCormack: “I would advise them to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. You will learn a lot and it will give you a lot of firsthand experience that will change your future for the better.”

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