Jenna Humphrey's Internships took her all of the world

Staff Spotlight: Jenna, Intern

Interviewer: “What was your path to KCG?”

Jenna Humphrey: “In the last four years, I have worked in five different industries, studied in three different countries, and called Bryant University, Washington DC, Colorado, and Shanghai my home. My internships have ranged from sourcing for a medical device company to translating Chinese for a non-profit. I am always looking for a new experience and have a passion for continues learning. When I decided my next adventure was going to be in Virginia Beach, I knew I needed an internship and company that was just as active as I am. Since starting at KCG in June, I have worked on three major projects varying in tasking and subject matter. This internship has kept me on my toes this summer, which is exactly what I wanted.”

Interviewer: “What do you think it takes to be successful at KCG?”

Jenna Humphrey: “Having a mission driven attitude leads to success at KCG . The motto here is “Create the Future,” and every employee drives to make that happen.”

Interviewer: “Describe KCG in just one word.”

Jenna Humphrey: “Tenacious.”

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