Greg Tomchick, former Old Dominion and Saint Louis Cardinals

Staff Spotlight: Greg, Intern

Interviewer: “What was your path to KCG?”

Greg Tomchick: “Growing up in Virginia Beach, VA, I was always interested in finding ways to stimulate the economy that I was a product of. While studying Economics at Old Dominion University, I was able to work on many impact projects within the Region’s Economic Development and the DoD space. Following my studies and four years as a student-athlete, I was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2015 MLB draft. I was brought on to KCG during one of my off seasons and being a contributor to the team here is by far the best opportunity that I have been a part of.”

Interviewer: “What is your favorite part about your internship?”

Greg Tomchick: “My favorite part of the KCG internship program is the daily investment made by management in my professional and personal growth. I am constantly learning of more efficient ways to solve business issues and hurdle roadblocks. If you are passionate about learning, walking out of the office feeling improvement on a daily basis and producing high quality products that contribute to company objectives, then the KCG internship program is a great fit for you.”

Interviewer: “What makes KCG a great place to work?”

Greg Tomchick: “Culture. KCG has embedded a culture of growth and encouragement, combined with a family-centric environment. The serum for success (both personally and professionally) is in the air here, it is a great atmosphere to be a member of on a daily basis.”

Interviewer: “How would you describe the employment experience?”

Greg Tomchick: “The KCG experience will broaden your horizons and understanding of how the economy and the service industry functions. Customer service is at the center of KCGs DNA, you can feel that when you interact with our partners and clients. Opportunities surround us here at KCG, both in the office and in the community; we embrace them and engineer ways to extend the benefit to our surrounding areas.”

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