Frances Campo

Staff Spotlight: Frances, Intern

Interviewer: “What is your favorite part about your internship?”

Frances Campo: “My favorite part of the internship would be the hands on training and being able to work directly with the members of the accounting department. I foolishly listened to a family member (who is an accountant) and believed her advice when she told me to prepare for running errands and making coffee. I was pleasantly surprised when I came in and was put right to work.”

Interviewer: “What makes KCG a great place to work?”

Frances Campo: “KCG is very employee friendly and the staff members are tremendously welcoming. My colleagues are quick to offer help and answer questions. KCG functions as a unified community which is very unique in todays workforce environment.”

Interviewer: “How would you describe the employment experience?”

Frances Campo: “I would describe my experience at KCG as enjoyable and deeply valued. KCG stands apart from other companies because of its employees and how the company operates.”

Interviewer: “What advice would you give to other students applying for an internship at KCG?”

Frances Campo: “Don’t be afraid to apply. KCG does not require extensive previous experience or skills for internships. KCG’s internships give you the experience that most careers/professions require, and knowledge that cannot be obtained from a textbook.”

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