Enterprise architecture assists our customers in managing complexity within their organization and external relationships with their stakeholders. Our team produces a wide variety of architecture products to fulfill our customers’ requirements in compliance with the various frameworks like the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), now current to version 2. Our customers find that having an enterprise architecture facilitates better overall management, performance analysis, and strategic decision making.

The purpose of an enterprise architecture is to link an organization’s strategic plan, mission, and goals to its resources and investments in order to enable enterprise modernization and improved performance.  It describes an organization’s current and future state (processes and resources) and lays out a plan for the transition from the current state to the future state. In doing so, the enterprise architecture aids planning, decision making, and process execution to improve efficiency and effectiveness. It also provides a framework that can support more focused development of segment architectures and systems/solution architectures. The type and scope of more focused architecture development depends on its intended use. The intended use will determine the data needed, how it will be developed, and the analysis conducted.

An enterprise architecture is a model that is developed to define the structure, relationships and behavior of a system or enterprise of systems.  It is a tool that provides a blueprint to manage complexity across a broad range of stakeholders.  It allows for many dimensions of a system or organization to be analyzed simultaneously to understand the first, second, and third order effects of changes or actions including  impacts to cost, productivity, organization alignment,  staff functions, etc.  The KCG team follows the DoDAF 2.0 development process, data standards, and model descriptions as fundamental guidelines for developing the architecture and representational products. We overlay those DoDAF 2.0 fundamental guidelines with our unique Mission Resource Alignment Methodology™ to guide our team’s engagement with the organization to develop and manage the enterprise architecture, develop models meaningful to decision makers and stakeholders, and to conduct the required analysis to get the answers that they need to support their organization