Cyber experts come together to find solutions to continuing attacks

KCG CEO Mark Klett was featured in an article by WVEC 13News. Read the article below…

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC)— Joining forces in the battle against cyber terrorism, today, business leaders, college professors and local office holders came together for the first-ever Cyber Security Business Roundtable in Virginia Beach.

The gathering coming in the midst of disturbing reports of major vulnerabilities in the nation’s, and the military’s power grids. First was a USA Today-Gannett report that found that the nation’s power grid is subject once every four days to a physical or cyber attack. Then came a GAO report which found that US military bases’ utility infrastructures are “vulnerable to cyber incidents that could degrade operations and negatively impact missions.”

“It just goes on and on,” said Mark Klett, founder of military subcontractor Klett Consulting, Inc. “Every day, every agency, the Department of Defense gets a knock on the door, someone is trying to get in an do something,” he said.

Klett’s company provides combat systems on the new aircraft carriers being built, new commanding control systems for the Navy and new program management support for the Homeland Security Department.