Chair of Cybersecurity Cluster

Mark Klett, Founder and CEO of Klett Consulting Group
GoVirginia, an initiative created by the Governor of Virginia, has sparked the creation of Reinvent Hampton Roads. ReinventHR was founded in 2012 by the Hampton Roads Community Foundation as the regional economic competitiveness initiative.
In order to attract GoVirginia funding to the region, Reinvent Hampton Roads has broken Hampton Roads’ key industries into clusters. These clusters, made up of volunteer business leaders, are outlining plans to stimulate regional economic development.

Mark Klett, CEO of Klett Consulting Group, is the Head Chair of the Cybersecurity Cluster of Reinvent Hampton Roads. Klett and the Cyber Cluster are driving to make Hampton Roads the Cyber Centric Region, leveraging the defense capabilities within our region to drive overall economic growth.

To become involved or learn more about the Cybersecurity Cluster Initiative, Contact KCG today.

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