Broadband Consulting

Why do you need Broadband Consulting?

KCG has experts dedicated to ensure your business runs at peak efficiency, maximizing profits, without spending too much. When your network is slow, it can affect all ends of your business negatively but every business and its network is different, so how do you know what is right for your business, specifically? Let our experts take a look and figure out what is best for your business and how to maximize efficiency without spending money on things that don’t fit your business model specifically.


Klett Consulting Group (KCG) is Broadband Broker of data and internet services to businesses and residential entities in the Hampton Roads Region (Nationwide). We identify and negotiate the best products, providers and pricing for our clients, while remaining consultative and unbiased.

Applying a systematic approach to broadband allows KCG to deliver a simplified yet sophisticated approach that frees businesses and residents from wasting time, overpaying and the confusion in working directly with the carriers. KCG provides a single point of contact that delivers industry best pricing options, expert knowledge and continuous support.

  • Broadband Brokerage
  • Advisory
  • Education/Training