August 7, 2018

How Broadband Can Transform Your Business

                 In KCG’s quest to spread awareness of the impending broadband boom, we often receive several variations of the same question revolving around the benefits of high-speed broadband. Today, we will answer the question as to how this new broadband initiative will benefit both your professional and your personal life. Since everyone loves an applicable example, KCG will start off with a great example next-generation broadband’s benefits, the City of Chattanooga.


                 At a time when small cities, towns, and rural areas were seeing a mass exodus of young people to large cities and a decline in middle-class jobs, the fiber-based broadband network helped Chattanooga not only to thrive in the modern age but to create an entirely new identity for itself. To provide a brief overview, in 2009 the city recognized it had a connectivity problem. When they sought to rectify the issue, they encountered stiff resistance from their traditional providers, agencies like Comcast & AT&T. Chattanooga was sued 4 times for using the city’s own Electric Power Board company (thankfully, VA’s mandate mitigates this risk) but after the city won all of its cases, Chattanooga was rewarded with the title of the first city in the United States to offer gigabit internet speeds to all of its residents. If the allure of extremely fast internet isn’t enough of a draw, an independent study published by the University of Tennessee in 2016 found that the EPB’s network could be directly tied to the creation of between 2,800 and 5,200 new jobs and stated that the economic benefits for the city have been roughly $1 billion over the course of the last five years. Chattanooga’s unemployment also decreased by five percent!

                 Not every story will be a “Chattanooga”, but here are some of the things KCG can promise if you decide to utilize our expertise. We promise to deliver the tools and guidance necessary to ensure a dedicated connection with no worries about oversubscription, symmetric connectivity that is conducive to uploading files of any size with ease, a medium for safer and quicker collaboration, an outlet to project a more prominent online presence, and last but certainly not least, a great connection that will support all of your telecommunications needs.


                 Having a dedicated connection means you never have to worry about oversubscription or sharing your connection with other users again. This also puts the fear of weathering the ebbs and flows of speed during times of heavy internet use to rest. Unfortunately, many providers oversubscribe their networks but with a dedicated connection and a partnership with KCG, the future looks bright for your business.

                 Symmetric Connectivity directly correlates to your upload speed. Upload speeds are typically lower with residential internet connections because most people don’t need high upload speeds for personal internet use. However, businesses often need high upload speeds so that employees may share large files with workers in branch offices, or perhaps upload video content online. For most businesses, symmetric connectivity (with equally fast upload and download speeds) is necessary to derive maximum benefit from an internet connection.

                 Next-generation broadband also improves collaboration. With fast upload speeds and generous bandwidth, businesses can share large files easily, and take maximum advantage of communications technologies like online conferencing and screen sharing. With dependable high speeds, there’s less downtime involved in collaboration leading to a drastic increase in productivity.

                 Most companies today understand the importance of a strong online presence and invest time and resources in having a great website and a strong presence on social media platforms. With next-gen broadband, your company won’t have any problems uploading videos, product demonstrations, or any other multimedia content. Your social media coordinator will be able to count on a dependable, fast connection that makes it easy to connect and interact with customers and potential clients.

                 Finally, a great business of any size needs next-generation broadband to be able to provide a reliable platform for its telecommunications. Businesses are turning to hosted VoIP phone systems to take advantage of their many features and low costs. With dependable high upload and download speeds, call quality matches or exceeds that of traditional copper wire phone systems, plus you can make use of great features like audio conferencing, automated call routing, and seamless mobile integration. If you want your business to thrive and expand, you need the benefits offered by high-speed internet for success. By investing in a dedicated business high-speed connection, you can eliminate many potential telecommunication problems, like slow internet speeds during heavy use and slow uploads of important files. You’ll also have all the bandwidth you need to support a feature-rich hosted phone system that helps you compete more effectively and project confidence as we enter the new age of next-gen broadband.