KCG has been awarded a contract to provide support services to United States Fleet Forces Command (USFFC), specifically, USFF N82 Ballistic Missile Defense Requirements / Integrated Air and Missile Defense (BMD/IAMD) and N83 Operational Level of War / Maritime Operations Center (OLW/MOC).

Support for USFF N82 and N83 will provide a broad range of technical services to address wholeness gaps in ballistic missile defense (BMD), integrated air and missile and defense (IAMD), maritime fires and Operational Level of War (OLW) manpower, personnel, training and education (MPT&E) issues across the range of OLW/Maritime Operations Center (MOC) activities as articulated in the annual OLW/MOC Integrated Priorities Capability List (IPCL). Specifically, N83 support will work MPT&E issues identified in the OLW/MOC IPCL to develop solutions in the areas of operational planning, operational assessment, maritime targeting, and the integration of kinetic and non-kinetic capabilities. Contractor for N83 will also provide the BMD Command and Control (C2) and maritime fires expertise necessary to collaborate with OLW stakeholders and engage MOC personnel via the MOC Warfare Improvement Program (WIP) and mission area capability assessments in the areas of BMD and maritime fires in order to refine capability gaps and identify or develop appropriate solutions across the DOTMLPF-P spectrum. N82 support will identify and create solutions for wholeness gaps in European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) Phase II.