On January 13, 2012 Mr. Klett had the privilege of participating in the “White House Business Council: A Conversation with Norfolk, VA Business Leaders.”

Along with a group of fellow Hampton Roads business leaders, they first attended a White House press conference in which the President announce the reorganization of the Executive Branch to focus on the creation of jobs through the combination of roles, missions, responsibilities and duties.

This move by the president is a part of an initiative that will take six government agencies, including the Small Business Administration (SBA), and combine them into a streamlined, single entity and therfore reduce redundancy and inefficinecy. Additionally, the Small Business Administration was proposed to be elevated to a cabinet position within the Executive Branch pending Congressional approval.

The President also announced a new website as a one stop shop for all businesses to get information to do business with the government and get the needed information on importing and exporting products. It is a good place to get all kinds of information to start or expand your business and a lot of good intuitive information on jobs and opportunities. www.BusinessUSA.gov

Throughout the day, there were many speakers representing the White House Business Council and key economic advisers to the President. Overall the information exchanged between the White House Staff and the Hampton Roads Business Leaders provided some valuable insights into the economic realities and challenges that we all are facing.