Klett Consulting Group FinancialKlett Consulting Group offers full service accounting services. Our financial services are designed to help you develop a high level of understanding of your primary financial systems, promote broader comprehension of financial planning, enhance your ability to ensure financial compliance with established policies and procedures such as DCAA, and to define more efficient business processes.

         Unique Solutions for Client Specific Needs

We have the knowledge and experience to implement and customize your accounting system to accurately record and track financial data. The Financial Dashboard Tool, developed by KCG, will provide the reports necessary for informed decision making.

Accounting Services

Services Offered

  • Monthly Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Chart of Accounts Set-up
  • Deltek Support
  • Business Planning & Budgeting
  • DCAA Compliance & Reporting
  • ICE Model Submission
  • Internal Control Environment Assessment
  • Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis
  • Earned Value Management & Cost Accounting
  • Human Resources and EEO Compliance

KCG will guide you along the path to DCAA Compliance

DCAA compliance is a hurdle that all government contractors who wish to expand into Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts must face. Having an adequate accounting system, as recognized by the DCAA, is the foundation of sound government contracting.

Pre-Compliance: KCG Financial will assess your current accounting system and/or record keeping processes. We will create a unique accounting solution that both accomplishes the compliance requirements of our DCAA as well as provides accurate and timely financial data suited to our clients’ needs from Chart of Accounts set up to determination of cost pools structure. Let KCG see you through to your first Cost Plus Award.

On-Going Compliance: Compliance efforts continue beyond DCAA approval through annual reports including proposed/actual indirect rate & ICE Model submissions. Using KCG’s Financial Dashboard and Predictive Modeling Tool, you will have the ability to monitor and appropriately manage your indirect rates and provide accurate, justifiable data to project cost to complete proposals and contracts.