Monthly Archives: July 2014

VetHouse Announces First Housing for Women

KCG is a proud sponsor of the VetHouse, a nonprofit that has a 12 month program for homeless veterans which includes more than just housing – It helps them to get their lives back through a multifaceted assistance program. The VetHouse has announced they were able to obtain their first housing for female veterans this year. Last year, KCG received a plaque as thanks for our dedication and support to their mission. To learn more about this wonderful program visit them at

KCG President Accepts New Leadership Role

Mark Klett has accepted a new leadership role with the Hampton Roads Community Foundation as the Team Lead for the Cyber Security Industry Cluster Study Group.

The group will focus on creating economic success for Hampton Roads int he cybersecurity industry. The goal of the study group is to create outcome-based solutions by creating new capabilities that will solve simple to complex cybersecurity challenges within both industry and government through a self-sustaining business model.

Learn more about the Hampton Roads Community Foundation here.